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AQ Active (GPS-NPBI) technology delivered clean indoor air quality — creating neither ozone nor other unsafe byproducts.

Our Technology securely cleans indoor air by creating a high concentration of positive and negative ions particles, installed and delivered through the indoor ventilation system.

Within the air stream, ions attach to particles, where they combine, become larger and are more easily filtered from the air. When ions come in contact with pathogens, they disrupt the pathogen's surface proteins, rendering them inactive.

Unfortunately, there are lower concentrations of ions indoors

A typical outdoor environment has 450 to 2,000 ions per cc. Ions are naturally occurring and are higher near areas with rushing water or at higher elevations. Ions near waterfalls have been measured at upwards of 19,000 ions per cc. Indoor ion concentrations in buildings without ionizers are generally much lower, at 200-1000 ions per cc

Ionization is the process of using voltage to electrically charge air molecules.

Wide Variety of Install Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Airports
  • Animal Care
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Banks
  • Casinos
  • Child Care
  • Convention Centers
  • Fitness
  • Food Service
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Institutional
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Building
  • Retail
  • Schools & Universities
  • Senior Care
  • Transportation
  • Theater
  • Worship

Our Testing Approach


A petri dish containing a pathogen is placed underneath a laboratory hood, then monitored to assess the pathogen’s reactivity to NPBI over time. This controlled environment allows for comparison across different types of pathogens.


Counts of airborne pathogens are taken before and after aerosolizing them into a sealed, unoccupied laboratory environmental room installed with NPBI technology. The larger space more closely resembles a real-world environment.


Unoccupied laboratory test environments are designed to evaluate NPBI performance in conditions unique to particular industries or customers, and may include special circumstances such as higher than average ion concentrations.


Measurement at actual customer locations can be compared in rooms with and without NPBI, or the same room before versus after NPBI. Measurement variables and test criteria are determined by the customer. Pathogen findings occur as part of the customers’ normal course of business and are not introduced specifically for testing purposes.



Product Comparison

250k+ Satisfied Installation

Today, our technology is trusted to safely clean the air in thousands of offices, schools, airports, hospitals and other community spaces around the world.

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